Poker Face

Sometimes life makes you bet everything on a card game or to give up and put all the cards on the table at once. I’m not that kind of woman! I know how to say No for: unhappiness, sadness, doubts, even though they have tried their luck with me.

I am a hard player, even when life seems to have in hand all the aces. But when everything does not depend on me, I prefer to wait for a better hand. Even in life, yes, especially in life can say without fear: Pass!

With this card I join to the challenge  “Poker face” on Scraper.

by Maria


15 gânduri despre „Poker Face

    1. Multumesc Laura! Am ales stampila deoarece am simtit eu ca ma duce cu gandul la decizii, confirmari si la toate acele momente din viata cand trebuie sa actionezi sau dimpotriva – sa te opresti si sa decizi ca nu vei actiona; sa spui Pas!

  1. Foarte frumos, mi se potriveste, pacat ca astazi s-ar putea sa nu fie in puterea mea sa spun pas. Figer crossed please:). Pupici Maria:)

    1. Multumesc Roxana! In cazul acesta, voi fi langa tine cu gandul si inima spunand eu „pas” pentru tine! Uneori e de ajuns sa stim ca tineva ne sustine chiar si asa! Iti tin pumnii Roxana!!

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