A diferent Valentine’s day picture

Hello every body, I created a new picture, as answer to a new discover chalenge on a very good and apreciate quilling blog.


The challenge   is to make a project for Valentine’s Day but, there is a twist!


We sould  have to make a project that should NOT have heart shape pattern (anywhere at all), no red and no pink. By no red, I mean absolutely no red and by no pink, absolutely no pink (not even as support colours). So, we supposee to pick up those browns, blues, yellows, oranges, purples………..and get creative. We can combine it with as many challenges as we feel like.


So I was thinking to make a picture with a  message about friendship and about what  a good friend means.
I create some strange big flowers, some nice quilling shapes, everything on a silver background, I used dark silver and light silver colors and  some little brown and black (for me, using black is like using red or pink for other creators). The picture looks like a miror. I put  a nice poetry in the middle,a poem about friendship, I wrote this one by myself (dosen’t looks so perfect but I think this is a real thing, made by my hand not typed on the computer).
Enjoy the pictures and let me know what u think about it!





   by vavaly

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  1. A beautiful work of art! Quilling always offers the opportunity to create the most beautiful cards. Nothing is more beautiful than a card for a friend of your soul! Congratulations

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